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2 min readDec 31, 2021


Windows updates Blue Screens with printers — this has been a very bad month for the Microsoft Update team.

We wrote about the problematic KB5000802 update for Windows 10 that caused a BSOD (blue screen of death) when printing to a Kyocera printer/copier. Reportedly, there’s a similar problem printing to Zebra label printers.

Microsoft released a fix KB5001567 on March 15th, which fixed the blue screen, but caused strange printing issues like black boxes and garbled graphics.

So Microsoft released another patch, KB5001649 on March 18th as an OPTIONAL update. This means you have to go into Windows Update and select it to install. Most (if not all) users would have missed it. Then, on March 19th, Microsoft removed this optional update from distribution without comment.

March 21st, a fixed KB5001649 was again released on Windows Update, but it’s still an optional patch. We have this installed on several computers, and it has been working.

If you need help with this or other Windows Updates / Blue Screens issues, give us call.

Windows Updates Blue Screens

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