We just encountered the problem of the March Windows 10 Update causing “Blue Screens” at a client this morning.

The KB5000802 Windows Update is causing a “Blue Screen Of Death” for Windows 10 users with Kyocera, Ricoh and Zebra Printers.

We were promptly able to uninstall the updates, and the users by our client were able to print again.

Mircrosoft logo for March Windows 10 Update article

For now, for Windows 10 users with Kyocera, Ricoh and Zebra Printers, do not install the Windows 10 Update if prompted. I expect Microsoft will have a fix shortly, since this is a pretty major problem.

For further info: March Windows 10 Update Causing Printers to Crash Computers | Digital Trends

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UPDATE: As of March 16th, Microsoft says an “optional” patch has been released that fixes this issue. It is KB5001567. Contact us if you need help applying this fix.

UPDATE: See our post dated March 25th for the latest info on Windows Updates Blue Screens.



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